Cynthia S. Faw

Cynthia’s work is a visual representation of special places associated with the sea, particularly the continually fluctuating boundaries between the sea, the atmosphere and the land.  During 30 years of practice as a registered architect, Cynthia has long appreciated how place and memory are intimately related—both in our built environments and cities, and in the natural world.  Place forms a powerful context in which our memories are encoded.  Having “a sense of place” is essential to our dignity as humans, and it has been long celebrated by aboriginal artists around the world. 

In her paintings, Cynthia strives to evoke feelings associated with memories of a particular place and time. Each painting represents a strong memory imprinted during her travels at sea or by the land’s edge.  Navigating extensively in the Salish Sea and the Eastern Caribbean, Cynthia’s trips have consisted of both journeys through the physical world and inner journeys of self-discovery.  Her paintings are about both worlds—and how they relate. 

This is particularly evident in her “Anchorages” series, where a bird’s-eye view and encoded symbols capture magical memories of overnight anchorages aboard sailing vessels.

Cynthia studied at the University of Illinois College of Fine and Applied Arts, where she took two degrees in architecture and developed a love of painting.  Cynthia accepts the structural influence that being an architect implies in her work and strives to achieve freedom and understanding of watercolor as an artist. Seattle is homeport to Cynthia and her sailboat Mirage.

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